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Sociology free notes Download

Placements : Second year Time : Theory – 60 Hrs.

Course Description: This course is designed to introduce the concepts of sociology related to

community and social institutions in India and its relationship with health, illness and nursing.

Unit Content

I. Introduction:

1 hrs. l Definition of Sociology

l Nature and Scope of the discipline

l Importance and application of Sociology in Nursing

II. Individual & Society

3 hrs. l Social and community

l Nature of Society

l Difference between Society and community

l Process of Socialization and individualization

l Personal disorganization

III. Culture

3 hrs. l Nature of culture

l Evolution of culture

l Diversity and uniformity of culture

l Biodiversity and its conservation

1 Definition-definition, species and ecosystem diversity

1 Biogeographical classification of India

1 Value of biodiversity: consumptive use, productive use,social ethical,

aesthetic and option values

1 Biodiversity at global, National and local levels, hotspots

1 Threats : habitat loss, poaching of wildlife,man-wildlife conflicts

1 Endangered and endemic species of India

1 Conservation of Biodiversity: In-situ and ex-situ conservation of


l Culture and socialization

l Transcultural society


l Influence on health and disease

IV. Social groups and Processes

4 hrs. l The meaning and classification of groups

l Primary & Secondary group

l In-group V/s. Out-group, class Tribe, Caste

l Economic, Political, Religious groups, Mob, Crowd, Public and audience Interaction

& Social Processes

l Co-Operation, Competition, Conflict

l Accommodation, Assimilation & Isolation

V. Population

6 hrs l Society and population

l Population distribution in India. Demographic Characteristics

l Malthusian theory of Populations

l Population explosion in India and its impact on health status

l Family welfare programme

VI. Familyand Marriage

5 hrs. l Family –functions

l Types-joint, Nuclear, Blended and extended family:

l The modern Family-Changes, Problems-Dowry etc., Welfare Services

l Changes & legislations on family and marriage in India-marriage acts

l Marriage: Forms and functions of marriage,

l Marriage and family problems in India

l Family, marriage and their influence on health and health practices

VII. Social Stratification

7 hrs l Meaning & types of social stratification

l The Indian Caste System-origin & features

l Features of Caste in India today

l Social Class system and status

l Social Mobility-Meaning & Types

l Race as a biological concept, criteria of racial classification

l Salient features of Primary races-Racism

l Influence of Class, Caste and Race on health and health practices

VIII Types of Communities in India (Rural, Urban and Regional)

Features of village community & Characteristics of Indian villages-Panchayat

system, social dynamics

l Community Development project & Planning

l Changes in Indian Rural life

l Availability of health facilities in rural and its impact on health and health practice

l Urban-Community – features

l The growth of cities: Urbanization and its impact on health and health practices

l Major Urban problems – Urban slums, Energy problem, water problem

l Environmental pollution: cause effect, control and prevention.

l Region: Problems and impact on Health

Sociology free notes Download

IX Social Change

4 hrs l Nature and process of social change

l Factors influencing social change: cultural change, cultural lag.

l Introduction to Theories of social change: Linear, Cyclical, Marxian, Functional

l Resentment and rehabilitation of people, its problems and concern

Role of nurse-Change agents

Social organization and social system

4 hrs l Social organiation: elements, types

l Democratic and authoritarian modes of participation

l Voluntary associations

l Social system: definition and Types of social system

l Role and status as structural elements of social system

l Inter-relationship of institution

XI Social Control

2 hrs l Nature and process of social control

l Political, legal, Religious, Educational, Economic, Industrial and technological

systems, Norms & Values-folkways & Mores customs, Laws and fashion

Role of nurse

XII Social Problem

15 hrs l Social disorganization

l Control & Planning: poverty, housing, illiteracy, food supplies, prostitution, rights of

women & children, vulnerable groups: Elderly, handicapped, minority groups and

other marginalized groups, child labour, child abuse, delinquency and crime,

substance abuse, HIV/AIDS.

l Social welfare programmes in India

Role of nurse

Sociology free notes Download