Management of Nursing Services and Education Free Notes Download – B.Sc. Nursing

Unit I

Introduction to management in nursing

Definition, concepts and theories
Functions of management
Principles of management
Role of nurse as a manager

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Unit II

Management process

Planning; mission, philosophy, objectives, operational plan
Staffing: philosophy, staffing study, norms, activities, patient classification
systems, scheduling.
Human resource management; recruiting, selecting, deployment, retaining,
promoting, super annuatation etc.
Budgeting: concept, principles, types, cost benefit analysis, audit
Material management: equipment and supplies
Directing process (Leading)
Controlling: Quality management
Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT), Bench marking, Activity plan
(Gantt Chart).

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Unit III

Management of nursing services in the hospital and Community


Hospital and patient care units including ward management
Emergency and disaster management

Human resource management:

Recruiting, selecting, deployment, retaining, promoting, superannuation
Categories of nursing personnel including job description of all levels
Patient/population classification systems
Patients/ population assignment and nursing care responsibilities
Staff development and welfare

Budgeting: proposal, projecting requirements for staff, equipments and supplies
for –

Hospital and patient care units
Emergency and disaster management

Material Management; procurement, inventory control, auditing and
maintenance in –

Hospital and patient care units
Emergency and disaster management

Directing and leading: delegation, participatory management –

Assignments, rotations, delegations
Supervision & guidance
Implement standards, policies, procedures and practices
Staff development and welfare
Maintenance of discipline


Nursing Rounds/Visits, nursing protocols, manuals
Quality Assurance Model, documentation-
Records and reports performance appraisal

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Unit IV

Organizational behaviour and human relations

Concepts and theories of organizational behaviours
Review of Channels of Communication
Leadership styles
Review of Motivation; concepts and theories
Group dynamics
Techniques of;

Communication; and
Interpersonal relationships
Human relations;

Public relations in context of nursing
Relations with professional associations and employee unions and Collective

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Unit V

In Service education

Nature & scope of in-service education programme.
Organization of in-service education
Principles of adult learning
Planning for in-service education program, techniques, methods & evaluation of
staff education program,
Preparation of report

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Unit VI

Management of nursing educational institutions

Establishment of nursing educational institution – INC norms and guidelines
Co-ordination with-

Regulatory bodies



Physical facilities



Guidance and Counseling
Maintaining discipline

Faculty and staff

Job description
Performance appraisal
Development and welfare

Equipments and supplies: audiovisual equipments, laboratory equipment,
books, journals etc.
Curriculum; Planning, implementation and evaluation,
Clinical facilities
Transport facilities
Institutional Records and reports – Administrative, faculty, staff and students

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Unit VII

Nursing as a profession

Nursing as a profession

Philosophy; nursing practice
Aims and objectives
Characteristics of a professional nurse
Regulatory bodies; INC, SNC Acts:- constitution, functions
Current trends and issues in nursing

Professional ethics

Code of ethics; INC, ICN
Code of Professional conduct; INC, ICN

Practice standards for Nursing; INC
Consumer protection act
Legal Aspects in nursing

Legal terms related to practice; registration and licensing
Laws related to nursing practice; Branch and penalties
Malpractice and negligence

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Professional Advancement:

Continuing education
Career Opportunities
Collective bargaining
Membership with professional organizations; National and International
Participation in research activities
Publications; Journals, Newspapers etc

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