Reply To: Anatomy and organisations of the body


Different anatomical position –

1. Medial – Nearer To the midline.
for ex.- Heart is medial to the Humerus

2. Lateral – Further from midline
eg.- Humerus is lateral to the heart.

3. Proximal – Nearer to the point of attachment of limb.
eg.- Humerus is proximal to the radius & ulna.

4. Distal – Further from the point of attachment of limb.
eg.- Radius & Ulna is distal to the Humerus.

5. Anterior/ ventral – nearer to the front of body.
eg. – Ribs is anterior to the heart.

    Trick- AV node| A- Anterior, V- ventral. Anterior and ventral are same. just like AV.

6. Posterior/ dorsal – Nearer to the back of body.
eg.- spinal cord is posterior to the heart.

    Trick- PDF| P- POSTERIOR, D- dorsal. posterior & dorsal are same.

7. superior – nearer to the head
eg.- lungs is superior to the kidney.

8. Inferior – further from the head.
eg.- Intestine is inferior to the stomach.