Reply To: Type of planes?


There are three type of plane
1 Median plain (sagital)
2 frontal plain (coronal)
3 Transverse plane (horizontal)

Median plane

– When we divide body into Longitudinally.
Body divides into left and right part.
For example – When we cut the human body in median plane, body divides into left side & right side, Means From the center of body. Left hand & foot & right hand & foot are separate from each other.

Frontal plane – when we divide body Into longitudinally & body separate into anterior & posterior.
For ex. – In frontal plane, body separate into anterior & posterior. it means chest part of body separate from the back side of body.

Transverse plane – when body divide into Horizontally. Body divide into upper & lower part. it means Lower limb are separate From abdominal cavity.