Daily Current Affairs Quiz May 2022

1. Which nation has refused to send its athletes to Asian Games?

A. Japan

B. Australia

C. Indonesia

D. South Korea

Answer: Option B

2. World Tuna Day is being celebrated globally on which date?

A. May 01

B. April 30

C. April 29

D. May 02

Answer: Option D

3. Who has been given the prestigious ‘Whitley Gold Award’ for snow leopard

A. Charudutt Mishra

B. Parvesh Verma

C. Roshan Lal

D. Krishna Kumar

Answer: Option A

4. What is the venue of the ‘Semicon India Conference-2022’?

A. Mumbai

B. New Delhi

C. Chennai

D. Bengaluru

Answer: Option D

5. International Labor Day is being celebrated on which date?

A. April 30

B. May 02

C. May 01

D. April 29

Answer: Option C

6. Which is the first Indian sports documentary to feature among FIFA+

A. Beyond All Boundaries

B. Sachin: A Billion Dreams

C. Maitanam

D. Born to Run

Answer: Option C

7. Who has been appointed as the new NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman?

A. Nand Mulchandani

B. Amartya Sen

C. Suman Berry

D. Jayati Ghosh

Answer: Option C

8. Which institution has launched the ‘Mandate document’ for NCF?

A. National Testing Agency

B. University Grants Commission

C. Union Education Ministry


Answer: Option C

9. Which Indian state is the first to set up a Gene Bank Project?

A. Kerala

B. Maharashtra

C. West Bengal

D. Telangana

Answer: Option B

10. When is Satyajit Ray’s birth anniversary is being celebrated?

A. May 02

B. April 28

C. May 01

D. April 29

Answer: Option A

11. World Veterinary Day is being celebrated on which date?

A. April 29

B. April 28

C. April 30

D. April 27

Answer: Option C

12. A national seminar on Logistics Management ‘LOGISEM VAYU – 2022’ has
been held at Air Force Auditorium in which place?

A. Suratgarh

B. New Delhi

C. Thanjavur

D. Pathankot

Answer: Option B

13. Which airline has become the first to use the indigenous navigation
system GAGAN?

A. SpiceJet

B. Air India

C. IndiGo

D. Vistara

Answer: Option C

14. Which city has become the first city in Uttar Pradesh to install
vacuum-based sewer system?

A. Ayodhya

B. Allahabad

C. Kanpur

D. Agra

Answer: Option D

15. Which state’s e-offer system has won the prestigious United Nations

A. Manipur

B. Meghalaya

C. Goa

D. Assam

Answer: Option B

16. Name the Indian actress, who will grace the Cannes Film Festival as a
member of the jury, this year?

A. Deepika Padukone

B. Vidya Balan

C. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

D. Sharmila Tagore

Answer: Option A

17. Who has won the winner of the Indian Medical Device Innovation of the

A. Poly Medicure Ltd

B. Meril Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

C. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd

D. Zydus Lifesciences Ltd

Answer: Option B

18. The Digital India RISC-V Microprocessor (DIR-V) Program has been
launched by whom?

A. Darshana Vikram Jardosh

B. V. Muraleedharan

C. Rajeev Chandrasekhar

D. Sushri Shobha Karandlaje

Answer: Option C

19. International Dance Day is being celebrated on which date?

A. April 29

B. April 28

C. April 30

D. April 27

Answer: Option A

20. Which nation has hosted the world’s largest cyber exercise Locked
Shields 2022?

A. Ukraine

B. Croatia

C. Moldovia

D. Estonia

Answer: Option D