Current Affair March 2021 Quiz

Most Important Current Affairs Questions for All Competitive Exam

1.Who is the head of RBI’s standing external advisory committee to evaluate applications for universal banks and small finance banks (SFBs)?

[A] Usha Thorat
[B] Raghuram Rajan
[C] Nandan Nilekani
[D] Shyamala Gopinath

Correct Answer:
D [Shyamala Gopinath]

2.Which airport has topped the Airport Authority of India (AAI) customer satisfaction survey?

[A] Udaipur
[B] Mumbai
[C] Delhi
[D] Kolkata

Correct Answer:
A [Udaipur]

3.What is the new name of the Motera Cricket stadium, after it has been renovated?

[A] Veer Savarkar Stadium
[B] Narendra Modi Stadium
[C] Atal Bihari Vajpayee Stadium
[D] DeenDayalUpadyay Stadium

Correct Answer:
B [Narendra Modi Stadium]

4.“News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code”, which was making news, is associated with which country?

[A] United States
[B] Australia
[C] China

Correct Answer:
B [Australia]

5.Which organisation regulates a Nidhi company in its operational matters and deployment of funds?

[A] Reserve Bank of India
[B] Ministry of Finance
[C] Ministry of Corporate Affairs
[D] Securities Exchange Board of India

Correct Answer:
C [Ministry of Corporate Affairs]

6.Michael Somare, who has been making news, is called the ‘Grand Chief and Father of the Nation’ of which country?

[A] Vatican City
[B] Papua New Guinea
[C] Guyana
[D] Argentina

Correct Answer:
B {Papua New Guinea]

7.Amazonia 1 satellite, which was making news recently, belongs to which country?

[A] Brazil
[B] Sri Lanka
[C] China

Correct Answer:
A [Brazil]

8.Pramod Chandra Mody is the Chairman of which organisation?


Correct Answer:

9.The Government of India has proposed to partner with which institution for creating a Centre of Excellence in gaming?

[A] IIT Bombay
[B] NITI Aayog
[C] Microsoft
[D] Nvidia

Correct Answer:
A [IIT Bombay]

10.Which insurance company launched the ‘Business Kisht Suraksha cover’?

[A] ICICI Prudential
[B] HDFC Ergo

[C] Bharati AXA
[D] Bajaj Allianz

Correct Answer:
B [HDFC Ergo]

11.What percentage of customs duty would be levied on import of solar modules in India?

[A] 5%
[B] 10%
[C] 15%
[D] 40%

Correct Answer:
D [40%]

12.How many Indian institutions were ranked in the top 100 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021?

[A] 5
[B] 8
[C] 12
[D] 19

Correct Answer:
C [12]

13.Which city emerged as the best city according to the “Ease of Living Index-2020”, in the million-plus population category?

[A] Bengaluru
[B] Pune
[C] Chandigarh
[D] Bangalore

Correct Answer:
A [Bengaluru]

14.Which country is the host of UN Congress on crime prevention?

[A] India
[B] China
[D] Japan

Correct Answer:
D [Japan]

15.Which Indian bank launched a dedicated programme for women called ‘SmartUp Unnati programme’?

[A] ICICI Bank
[B] HDFC Bank
[C] Axis Bank
[D] Yes Bank

Correct Answer:
B [HDFC Bank]

16.Who presented the budget of the Delhi Government for the seventh consecutive term?

[A] Arvind Kejriwal
[B] Manish Sisodia
[C] Aman Arora
[D] Sushil Kumar Gupta

Correct Answer:
B [Manish Sisodia]

17.What is the name given to thr group of nations consisting of the United States, India, Australia and Japan?

[A] G4

Correct Answer:

18.According to NASA, which lake on earth most resembles the Jezero Crater of Mars?

[A] Pulicat
[B] Salda
[C] Titicaca
[D] Victoria

Correct Answer:
B [Salda]

19.In which state, the Advanced Institute of Integrated Research in Livestock and Animal Science (AIIRLAS) has been inaugurated recently?

[A] Haryana
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer:
D [Tamil Nadu]

20.Which body has submitted its recommendations to the Government of India for privatization of 12 public sector undertakings?

[A] Planning Commission
[B] NITI Aayog
[D] Reserve Bank of India

Correct Answer:
B [NITI Aayog]

21.Which international bloc has declared itself as “LGBTIQ Freedom Zone”?

[A] G20
[C] EU

Correct Answer:
C [EU]

22.The Indian Army has leased four Heron unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from which country?

[B] Israel
[C] France
[D] Japan

Correct Answer:
B [Israel]

23.Which institution in its global report in coronavirus, estimated that most economies will not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2022?

[A] Ind-Ra
[B] Moody’s
[C] S&P

Correct Answer:
B [Moody’s]

24.Which institution published “Connecting to Thrive: Challenges and Opportunities of Transport Integration in Eastern South Asia” report?

[A] International Monetary Fund
[B] World Bank
[C] Reserve Bank of India
[D] Asian Development Bank

Correct Answer:
B [World Bank]

25.‘APEDA’ was established under which Union Ministry?

[A] Ministry of Agriculture
[B] Ministry of Rural Development
[C] Ministry of Commerce and Industry
[D] Ministry of Food Processing

Correct Answer:
C [Ministry of Commerce and Industry]

26.Which organisation has proposed to develop world class ‘Wayside Amenities’ at more than 600 locations in India?


Correct Answer:

27.The ‘Zulus’ tribe, which was making news recently, belong to which country?

[A] Argentina
[B] South Africa
[C] Ghana
[D] Spain

Correct Answer:
B [South Africa]

28.All India Tourist Vehicles Authorization and Permit Rules, will be applicable from which date?

[A] April 1, 2021
[B] May 1, 2021
[C] June 1, 2021
[D] August 1, 2021

Correct Answer:
A [April 1, 2021]

29.What is the tagline for “Catch the Rain” campaign?

[A] Catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls
[B] Rainfall for every one
[C] Atmanirbhar water
[D] Sustainable water for all

Correct Answer:
A [Catch the rain, where it falls, when it falls]

30.What is the WPI-based inflation for the month of Feb 2021?

[A] 2%
[B] 2.5%
[C] 3%
[D] 4.17%

Correct Answer:
D [4.17%]

31.Which constitutional body has intervened on the issue related to the death of Great Indian Bustards in collision with power lines?

[A] National Green Tribunal
[B] National Human Rights Commission
[C] Supreme Court of India
[D] National commission for Birds

Correct Answer:
C [Supreme Court of India]

32.Which state has introduced a new centralised system for inspections at factories?

[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Kerala
[C] Odisha
[D] Karnataka

Correct Answer:
D [Karnataka]

33.Aditya Tare, who was making news recently, is associated with which sports?

[A] Tennis
[B] Cricket
[C] Table Tennis
[D] Basket ball

Correct Answer:
B [Cricket]

34.The Land Ports Authority of India works under which Union Ministry?

[A] Ministry of Home Affairs
[B] Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
[C] Ministry of Ports Shipping and Waterways
[D] Ministry of Jal Shakti

Correct Answer:
A [Ministry of Home Affairs]

35.What is the name of Taylor Swift’s music album that has won the Grammys Album of the Year Award?

[A] Folklore
[B] You Know It
[C] I had Everything
[D] The highest honours in the music industry – Grammy awards were announced recently and presented to the winners. The function was hosted by South African comedian, television host and producer Trevor Noah. Everything I Wanted

Correct Answer:
A [Folklore]

36.In which state is the Shetrunjay Hills reserve forest located?

[A] Maharashtra
[B] Tamil Nadu
[C] Assam
[D] Gujarat

Correct Answer:
D [Gujarat]

37.Who is the first woman cricketer to complete 7,000 ODI runs?

[A] Smriti Mandana
[B] Mithali Raj
[C] Harmanpreet Gaur
[D] Jhulan Goswami

Correct Answer:
B [Mithali Raj]

38.What is the name of NPCI’s grievance redressal app developed on BHIM UPI?

[A] UPI Suraksha
[B] UPI Seva
[C] BHIM Seva
[D] UPI Help

Correct Answer:
D [UPI Help]

39.Which institution publishes the ‘State of the World’s Indigenous People’ report?

[A] World Bank
[C] United Nations

Correct Answer:
C [United Nations]

40.Pritzker Prize is associated with which field?

[A] Literature
[B] Journalism
[C] Architecture
[D] Science and Technology

Correct Answer:
C [Architecture]

41.What is AEG12, which is in the news recently?

[A] COVID 19 Vaccine candidate
[B] Meteor
[C] ISRO’s space shuttle
[D] Mosquito Protein

Correct Answer:
D [Mosquito Protein]

42.Who is the head of the experts advisory committee set up for the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme?

[A] Injeti Srinivas
[B] Gita Gopinath
[C] H K Mittal
[D] S C Khuntia

Correct Answer:
C [H K Mittal]

43.Nikhat Zareen and Gaurav Solanki of India are associated with which sport?

[A] Cricket
[B] Boxing
[C] Archery
[D] Tennis

Correct Answer:
B [Boxing]

44.Which organization celebrated the World Poetry Day on March 21?

[A] United Nations
[D] World Bank

Correct Answer:

45.Who is set to be head of the Government committee for manufacturing in the high technology area?

[A] Nirmala Sitharaman
[B] Piyush Goyal
[C] Rajnath Singh
[D] Narendra Modi

Correct Answer:
B [Piyush Goyal]

46.The Union Cabinet approved the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) between which country in water cooperation?

[A] Nepal
[B] Japan
[C] Australia
[D] Germany

Correct Answer:
B [Japan]

47.Who presented the budget of the Delhi Government for the seventh consecutive term?

[A] Arvind Kejriwal
[B] Manish Sisodia
[C] Aman Arora
[D] Sushil Kumar Gupta

Correct Answer:
B [Manish Sisodia]

48.Defence Ministry has signed a Rs 1,056 crore deal with which company for procurement of 1,300 light combat vehicles?

[A] L&T
[B] Godrej Defence Equipment
[D] Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd

Correct Answer:
D [Mahindra Defence Systems Ltd]

49.Promoters of which company has been booked by CBI for fraud in PMAY scheme?

[A] Yes Bank
[B] India Bulls
[C] Lakshmi Vilas Bank

Correct Answer:

50.What is the name of the new scheme launched by the Power Ministry to provide LED bulbs at cheap prices?

[A] ATAL Jyoti
[B] Gram Ujala
[D] BHIM Jyoti

Correct Answer:
B [Gram Ujala]