Current Affair April 2021 Quiz

Most Important Current Affairs Questions for All Competitive Exam

1.Which Indian state has been reported to have been affected by the second wave of bird flu?

[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] Madhya Pradesh
[C] Himachal Pradesh
[D] Assam

Correct Answer:
C [Himachal Pradesh]

2.When is “International Day of Solidarity with Detained and Missing Staff Members” observed every year?

[A] March 1
[B] March 10
[C] March 15
[D] March 25

Correct Answer:
D [March 25]

3.SEBI modified the requirement to formulate dividend distribution policy by top 500 listed companies to how many companies?

[A] Top 100
[B] Top 250
[C] Top 1000
[D] Top 2000

Correct Answer:
C [Top 1000]

4.‘Shaheen 1-A’ is the nuclear- capable ballistic missile, recently launched by which country?

[A] Pakistan
[B] Afghanistan
[D] Israel

Correct Answer:
A [Pakistan]

5.Which institution releases the annual flagship report “World Economic Outlook”?

[A] World Bank
[B] Asian Development Bank
[C] International Monetary Fund
[D] United Nations Development Program

Correct Answer:
C [International Monetary Fund]

6.Anil Dharker, who has been in the news recently, was associated with which field?

[A] Cricket
[B] Space Science
[C] Politics
[D] Journalism

Correct Answer:
D [Journalism]

7.New bacteria found in the ‘International Space Station’ has been named after which Indian scientist?

[A] Jagdish Chandra Bose
[B] APJ Abdul Kalam
[C] Ajmal Khan
[D] CV Raman

Correct Answer:
C [Ajmal Khan]

8.“Anandam: The Center for Happiness” has been inaugurated at which institution?

[A] IIT Bombay
[B] IIT Madras
[C] IIM Jammu
[D] IIT Guwahati

Correct Answer:
C [IIM Jammu]

9.P. K. Mishra, Anil Ghanwat and Ashok Gulati are the members of the Supreme Court-appointed committee to study which issue?

[A] Disinvestment
[B] Agricultural Laws
[C] Occupational Health
[D] Anti-conversion Laws

Correct Answer:
B [Agricultural Laws]

10.On which date, UN observes International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day?

[A] April 20
[B] April 26
[C] April 30
[D] May 1

11.As per the ECLGS 3.0 recently announced, what is the new tenure of loans and the per centage of out-standing loans considered?

[A] 5 years; 20 per cent
[B] 4 years; 40 per cent
[C] 6 years; 40 per cent
[D] 4 years; 20 per cent

Correct Answer:
C [6 years; 40 per cent]

12.Which body decides the interest cut on small saving schemes such as the PPF and NSC?

[A] NITI Aayog
[B] Finance Commission
[C] Department of Economic Affairs
[D] Department of Financial Services

Correct Answer:
C [Department of Economic Affairs]

13.The Finance Ministry has announced rules to scrap which four-decade body formed under Income Tax/ Wealth Tax Acts?

[A] Banking Ombudsman
[B] Settlement Commission
[C] Financial Intelligence Unit
[D] Financial Stability Board

Correct Answer:
B [Settlement Commission]

14.“Be the Brand Ambassador of Tribes India” has been launched by which organization?

[D] Tribal Corporation of India

Correct Answer:

15.Which country has created a world record for Fastest Road construction?

[A] China
[B] Japan
[C] India

Correct Answer:
C [India]

16.Who has been appointed as the head of the BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit?

[A] Shabir Hussein ShekhadamKhandwawala
[B] VK Singh
[C] Ajay Kumar Bhalla
[D] Vijay Kumar

Correct Answer:
A [Shabir Hussein ShekhadamKhandwawala]

17.Which Fintech company has launched ‘Distributor to Retailer (D2R) Finance’?

[A] PhonePe
[B] BharatPe
[C] G-Pay
[D] Mi-Pay

Correct Answer:
B [BharatPe]

18.Which Ministry released ‘Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) in India- A Statistical Profile: 2021’?

[A] Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
[B] Ministry of Law and Justice
[C] Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
[D] Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Correct Answer:
C [Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation]

19.Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) inflows of ………… has been registered by India in FY 2020-21?

[A] Rs.1 lakh crore
[B] Rs. 2 lakh crore
[C] Rs. 2.74 lakh crore
[D] Rs. 10 lakh crore

Correct Answer:
C [Rs. 2.74 lakh crore]

20.Which institution in its report “South Asia Vaccinates”, estimates India’s GDP growth in FY 22 would be in the range from 7.5% to 12.5%?

[B] World Bank
[D] S&P

Correct Answer:
B [World Bank]

21.The Khelo India Centre of Excellence in Rowing has been inaugurated in which state/UT?

[A] Himachal Pradesh
[B] Jammu and Kashmir
[C] Uttarakhand
[D] Karnataka

Correct Answer:
B [Jammu and Kashmir]

22.What is the name of the farthest gamma-ray emitting galaxy that has been discovered recently?

[A] Narrow-Line Seyfert 1
[B] Andromeda
[C] Sky Way
[D] Milk Line

Correct Answer:
A [Narrow-Line Seyfert 1]

23.Online Grievance Management Portal of which commission has been launched on 14th April 2021?


Correct Answer:

24.Union Agriculture Ministry has signed a MoU with which organization, for a pilot project in 100 villages of six states?

[A] Amazon
[B] Microsoft

Correct Answer:
B [Microsoft]

25.When is the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade observed by UN?

[A] March 1
[B] March 10
[C] March 15
[D] March 25

Correct Answer:
D [March 25]

26.Which Board / Organisation has launched the National Nursery Portal?

[A] National Housing Board
[B] National Horticulture Board
[C] NITI Aayog
[D] National Tea Board

Correct Answer:
B [National Horticulture Board]

27.INS Nireekshak, which was making news recently, is classified under which type of vessel?

[A] Submarine
[B] Diving Support Vehicle
[C] Offshore Patrol vessel
[D] Destroyer

Correct Answer:
B [Diving Support Vehicle]

28.Which Ministry hosted the 40th Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (ISEA)?

[A] Ministry of Shipping
[B] Ministry of Earth Sciences
[C] Ministry of External Affairs
[D] Ministry of Science and Technology

Correct Answer:
B [Ministry of Earth Sciences]

29.Which country has ratified the extradition of diamond merchant Nirav Modi?

[B] China
[C] UK
[D] France

Correct Answer:
C [UK]

30.What is the outlay of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for white goods (ACs and LED Lights)?

[A] Rs 1238 crores
[B] Rs 6238 crores
[C] Rs 12380 crores
[D] Rs 62380 crores

Correct Answer:
B [Rs 6238 crores]

31.What does “M” in MANAS App stand for?

[A] Mobile
[B] Machine
[C] Medicine
[D] Mental

Correct Answer:
D [Mental]

32.What is the name of the movement to be launched by the Health Minister to emphasise on nutritionally balanced diet?

[A] Poshan Kranti
[B] Aahar Kranti
[C] Food India Movement
[D] No Food waste movement

Correct Answer:
B [Aahar Kranti]

33.“Special Drawing Rights (SDR)”, which is seen in the news recently, is associated with which institution?

[A] World Bank
[C] United Nations
[D] Asian Development Bank

Correct Answer:

34.Which state has proposed to launch a vaccination campaign named “Crushing curve”?

[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Kerala
[C] Andhra Pradesh
[D] Goa

Correct Answer:
B [Kerala]

35.Pt Rajan Mishra, who died recently was associated with which field?

[A] Hindustani Music
[B] Urdu Literature
[C] Sand Art
[D] Sanskrit Literature

Correct Answer:
A [Hindustani Music]

36.What is the outlay of the Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for white goods (ACs and LED Lights)?

[A] Rs 1238 crores
[B] Rs 6238 crores
[C] Rs 12380 crores
[D] Rs 62380 crores

Correct Answer:
B [Rs 6238 crores]

37.PSA Oxygen Plants were sanctioned for installation in public health facilities. What is the expansion of PSA?

[A] Pressure Swing Adsorption
[B] Pressure Sleep Adjustment
[C] Private School Administration
[D] Primary Sleep Adjustment

Correct Answer:
A [Pressure Swing Adsorption]

38.Tehri lake, on whose bank an Adventure Sports Institute has been opened, is in which state?

[A] Jammu & Kashmir
[B] Uttarakhand
[C] Odisha
[D] West Bengal

Correct Answer:
B [Uttarakhand]

39.Which authority recently ruled that Flavoured milk is ‘beverage containing milk’ and will attract 12 per cent GST?

[A] Finance Ministry
[B] Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR)
[C] Finance Commission
[D] Central Board of Indirect Taxes

Correct Answer:
B [Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR)]

40.India recently agreed to establish “2+2 ministerial dialogue” between foreign and defence ministers, with which country?

[A] UK
[B] France
[C] Russia
[D] Brazil

Correct Answer:
C [Russia]

41.What is the name given to small models of human organs that contain multiple cell types that behave similarly to the human body?

[A] Body models
[B] Tissue Chips
[C] Cell Models
[D] Tissue Genes

Correct Answer:
B [Tissue Chips]

42.‘Climate Vulnerability Assessment for Adaptation Planning in India’ Report is set to be released by which department?

[A] Department of Environment
[B] Department of Science and Technology
[C] Department of Atomic Energy
[D] Department of Space

Correct Answer:
B [Department of Science and Technology]

43.Miguel de Cervantes was a famous personality associated with which language?

[A] French
[B] Spanish
[C] Portuguese
[D] Greek

Correct Answer:
B [Spanish]

44.Ingenuity – the NASA’s helicopter is sent to which place?

[A] Antarctica
[B] International Space Station
[C] Mars
[D] Moon

Correct Answer:
C [Mars]

45.India signed a MoU with which country on ‘Cities combating plastic  entering the marine environment’?

[A] Finland
[B] Germany
[C] Switzerland
[D] France

Correct Answer:
B [Germany]

46.What is the estimated growth rate of India in FY 22, as per Oxford Economics?

[A] 8.5%
[B] 10.2%
[C] 12.5%
[D] 14.2%

Correct Answer:
B [10.2%]

47.Charles Geschke, who recently passed away, was the founder of which computer software company?

[A] Linked In
[B] Adobe
[C] Drop box
[D] Pinterest

Correct Answer:
B [Adobe]

48.‘Varuna’ is a multilateral Defence Exercise between India and …………?

[A] Japan
[B] Sri Lanka
[C] France
[D] Australia

Correct Answer:
C [France]

49.Which Ministry implements the SWAMITVA scheme?

[A] Ministry of Skill Development
[B] Ministry of Panchayati Raj
[C] Ministry of Agriculture
[D] Ministry of Rural Development

Correct Answer:
B [Ministry of Panchayati Raj]

50.According to the Government of National Capital Territory (GNCT) of Delhi Amendment Act 2021, the ‘Government of Delhi’ means ……?

[A] Chief Minister of Delhi
[B] Cabinet Ministers of Delhi
[C] Prime Minister of India
[D] Lieutenant Governor of Delhi

Correct Answer:
D [Lieutenant Governor of Delhi]