Current Affair April 2022 Quiz

Most Important Current Affairs Questions for All Competitive Exam

1.Shahi Litchi earned the GI tag from which Indian state?

[A] Bihar
[B] Uttar Pradesh
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Uttarakhand

Correct Answer:
A [Bihar]


2.The Union Cabinet approved an additional funding of Rs 820 crore for
which bank, to expand its services?

[A] India Post Payments Bank
[B] Unity Small Finance Bank
[C] NSDL Payment Bank
[D] AU Small Finance Bank

Correct Answer:
A [India Post Payments Bank]


3.Which Indian city is to be covered with Artificial Intelligence-based cameras, as part of Road Safety Project?

[A] Chennai
[B] Kozhikode
[C] Mumbai
[D] New Delhi

Correct Answer:
B [Kozhikode]


4.Which is the first Union Territory of India to launch its MyGov platform?

[A] Puducherry
[B] Lakshadweep
[C] Jammu and Kashmir
[D] Chandigarh

Correct Answer:
C [Jammu and Kashmir]


5.Which Indian state launched ‘She Auto’ stands, to provide safe transport to women and girl students?

[A] Kerala
[B] Andhra Pradesh
[C] New Delhi
[D] Odisha

Correct Answer:
B [Andhra Pradesh]


6.CBIC has notified exemption from Customs duty and Agriculture Infrastructure development Cess on which product?

[A] Jute
[B] Raw Cotton
[C] Silk yarn
[D] Palm Oil

Correct Answer:
B [Raw Cotton]


7.National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) is a Public sector unit working under which Ministry?

[A] Ministry of Communication
[B] Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
[C] Ministry of Tourism
[D] Ministry of Culture

Correct Answer:
B [Ministry of Information and Broadcasting]


8.‘Desh ke Mentor’ is a new scheme announced by which Indian state?

[A] Gujarat
[B] New Delhi
[C] Punjab
[D] Rajasthan

Correct Answer:
B [New Delhi]


9.Which city is the host of Khelo India University Games 2021 (KIUG 2021)?

[A] Chennai
[B] Bengaluru
[C] Hyderabad
[D] Dehradun

Correct Answer:
B [Bengaluru]


10.Which Union Ministry launched its new website on S3WaaS platform (Secure, Scalable and Sugamya Website as a Service)?

[A] Ministry of Law and Justice
[B] Ministry of Communication
[C] Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
[D] Ministry of Women and Child Development

Correct Answer:
A [Ministry of Law and Justice]


11.Gudi Padwa is a traditional festival celebrated in which state of India?

[A] Andhra Pradesh
[B] Maharashtra
[C] Telangana
[D] Assam

Correct Answer:
B [Maharashtra]


12.How many medals did India win in the Asian Wrestling Championships 2022?

[A] 10
[B] 12
[C] 15
[D] 17

Correct Answer:
D [17]


13.Which Union Ministry issued an order to exempt certain types of genome edited crops from rules applicable on GM crops?

[A] Ministry of Commerce and Industry
[B] Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change
[C] Ministry of Science and Technology
[D] Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Correct Answer:
B [Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change]


14.When is the ‘International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP)’ observed?

[A] April 4
[B] April 6
[C] April 8
[D] April 10

Correct Answer:
B [April 6]


15.Which global alliance announced collaboration on ‘Hypersonic missile strike and defence capacity’?

[A] Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
[B] AUKUS Defence Alliance
[C] Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
[D] North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Correct Answer:
B [AUKUS Defence Alliance]


16.Assam recently signed a MoU with which state, to resolve differences in the state border?

[A] Sikkim
[B] Meghalaya
[C] Manipur
[D] Arunachal Pradesh

Correct Answer:
B [Meghalaya]


17.What is the main objective of the ‘AIM’ programme of NITI Aayog

[A] To promote skill development
[B] To promote innovation
[C] To promote higher education
[D] To improve nutrition level

Correct Answer:
B [To promote innovation]


18.Which organisation flight-tested the Solid Fuel Ducted Ramjet (SFDR) booster?


Correct Answer:


19.Senna spectabilis, which was seen in the news, belongs to which category of plant?

[A] Invasive plant
[B] Aquatic plant
[C] Exotic plant
[D] Translocated Plant

Correct Answer:
A [Invasive plant]


20.Which country flight-tested the ballistic missile ‘Shaheen-III’?

[A] Pakistan
[B] Israel
[D] Bangladesh

Correct Answer:
A [Pakistan]


21.ADB signed an agreement with India to offer USD 2 million for urban development projects in which state?

[A] Nagaland
[B] West Bengal
[C] Assam
[D] Odisha

Correct Answer:
A [Nagaland]


22.Which Indian space tech start-up launched its first commercial satellite with SpaceX’s Falcon-9 rocket?

[A] Pixxel
[B] Agnikul
[C] Skyroot Aerospace
[D] Dhruva Space

Correct Answer:
A [Pixxel]


23.‘Moskva’, which was seen in the news, is a famous warship of which country?

[A] Ukraine
[B] Russia
[C] China
[D] Germany

Correct Answer:
B [Russia]


24.Kwar Hydro-electric project, which was seen in the news, is located in which state/UT?

[A] Arunachal Pradesh
[B] Jammu and Kashmir
[C] Sikkim
[D] Gujarat

Correct Answer:
B [Jammu and Kashmir]


25.The ‘e-Sanjeevani’ facility is set to be launched at which institutions, to ensure coverage in remote areas?

[A] Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres
[B] Urban Primary Health Centres
[C] District Hospitals
[D] AIIMS Hospitals

Correct Answer:
A [Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres]


26.Which state has announced to celebrate the birth anniversary of Siddalinga Swami as ‘Integration Day’?

[A] Uttar Pradesh
[B] Gujarat
[C] Karnataka
[D] Haryana

Correct Answer:
C [Karnataka]


27.Which institution released the ‘Braving the Storms: East Asia and Pacific Economic Update’ Report?

[A] International Monetary Fund
[B] World Bank
[C] Asian Development Bank
[D] BRICS Bank

Correct Answer:
B [World Bank]


28.Which Union Ministry launched the ‘e-DAR’ portal?

[A] Ministry of Defence
[B] Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways
[C] Ministry of Commerce and Industry
[D] Ministry of MSME

Correct Answer:
B [Ministry of Roads, Transport and Highways]


29.As per the World Bank, what is the daily expense limit below which a person is classified to be in Extreme Poverty?

[A] USD 1.90
[B] USD 2.50
[C] USD 3.20
[D] USD 5.00

Correct Answer:
A [USD 1.90]


30.The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) Rules have been amended, to allow……….. percent of FDI in LIC.

[A] 10
[B] 20
[C] 25
[D] 50

Correct Answer:
B [20]


31.Which country has signed a deal with Rwanda to relocate asylum seekers?

[B] UK
[C] Germany
[D] Poland

Correct Answer:
B [UK]


32.Which city is the venue of the annual spring meeting of the IMF and the World Bank in 2022?

[A] Geneva
[B] Washington
[C] Paris
[D] Rome

Correct Answer:
B [Washington]


33.Which Indian chess player won the ‘La Roda International Open Chess  ournament’?


[A] R Praggnanandhaa
[B] D Gukesh
[C] Iniyan
[D] Koneru Humpy

Correct Answer:
B [D Gukesh]


34.Which institution is associated with ‘Advisory committee on leveraging regulatory and technology solutions (ALeRTS)’?


Correct Answer:


35.Ariosoma indicum, which was seen in the news, belongs to which species

[A] Turtle
[B] Frog
[C] Eel
[D] Gecko

Correct Answer:
C [Eel]


36.Which institution conducts ‘Abhyaas’ programme to guide students in Competitive Examination?

[B] IIT-Kharagpur
[C] All India Radio News
[D] DD News

Correct Answer:
C [All India Radio News]


37.Phobos is the natural satellite/moon of which planet?

[A] Venus
[B] Mars
[C] Jupiter
[D] Saturn

Correct Answer:
B [Mars]


38.Which multi-national company has announced to provide grant to protect the mangrove ecosystem in Maharashtra’s Raigad?

[A] Microsoft
[B] Google
[C] Apple
[D] SpaceX

Correct Answer:
C [Apple]


39.Kieron Pollard, who announced retirement from international cricket, represented which country?

[A] South Africa
[B] West Indies
[C] England
[D] Australia

Correct Answer:
B [West Indies]


40.Which is the headquarters of the ‘UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)’?

[A] Geneva
[B] Rome
[C] Paris
[D] Nairobi

Correct Answer:
A [Geneva]


41.What is the primary objective of ‘Amrit Sarovar initiative’, which was seen in the news recently?

[A] Elimination of Single Use Plastic
[B] Rejuvenation of Water Bodies
[C] Desalination of Sea Water
[D] Rain Water Harvesting

Correct Answer:
B [Rejuvenation of Water Bodies]


42.Dudh Vani, India’s first Community radio station (CRS), has been inaugurated in which state?

[A] Punjab
[B] Gujarat
[C] Madhya Pradesh
[D] Maharashtra

Correct Answer:
B [Gujarat]


43.How many Indians featured in the 2022 edition of Wisden ‘Five Cricketers of the Year’ list?

[A] One
[B] Two
[C] Three
[D] None

Correct Answer:
B [Two]


44.Kuril Islands, which was seen in the news, is claimed by which countries?

[A] China and Russia
[B] Japan and Russia
[C] Ukraine and Russia
[D] UK and Russia

Correct Answer:
B [Japan and Russia]


45.Which billionaire has struck a deal to buy the Global micro-blogging platform Twitter?

[A] Jeff Bezos
[B] Elon Musk
[C] Warren Buffet
[D] Bill Gates

Correct Answer:
B [Elon Musk]


46.Which country accounted for 82 per cent of all malaria deaths in the South-East Asian region?

[A] China
[B] India
[C] Sri Lanka
[D] Bangladesh

Correct Answer:
B [India]


47.Who has been elected as the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan, after the no-confidence motion?

[A] Shehbaz Sharif
[B] Shah Mahmood Qureshi
[C] Nawaz Sherif
[D] Asif Ali Zardari

Correct Answer:
A [Shehbaz Sharif]


48.What is the rank of India in the SIPRI Data on Global Military expenditure in 2021?

[A] Second
[B] Third
[C] Fifth
[D] Sixth

Correct Answer:
B [Third]


49.‘Chamundi Hills’, which was seen in the news, is a popular tourist destination of which state?

[A] Andhra Pradesh
[B] Karnataka
[C] Kerala
[D] Tamil Nadu

Correct Answer:
B [Karnataka]


50.When is the ‘International Chernobyl Remembrance Day’ observed every year?

[A] April 24
[B] April 26
[C] April 28
[D] April 30

Correct Answer:
B [April 26]