Cosmetic Science Free Notes Download – B. Pharm

Unit I

Classification of cosmetic and cosmeceutical products

Definition of cosmetics as per Indian and EU regulations, Evolution of cosmeceuticals from cosmetics, cosmetics as quasi and OTC drugs

Cosmetic excipients: Surfactants, rheology modifiers, humectants, emollients, preservatives. Classification and application

Skin: Basic structure and function of skin.

Hair: Basic structure of hair. Hair growth cycle.

Oral Cavity: Common problem associated with teeth and gums.

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Unit II

Principles of formulation and building blocks of skin care products:
Face wash,
Moisturizing cream, Cold Cream, Vanishing cream and their advantages and disadvantages.Application of these products in formulation of cosmecuticals. Antiperspants & deodorants- Actives & mechanism of action.
Principles of formulation and building blocks of Hair care products:
Conditioning shampoo, Hair conditioner,anti-dandruff shampoo. Hair oils.
Chemistry and formulation of Para-phylene diamine based hair dye. Principles of formulation and building blocks of oral care products: Toothpaste for bleeding gums, sensitive teeth. Teeth whitening, Mouthwash.

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Unit III

Sun protection, Classification of Sunscreens and SPF.
Role of herbs in cosmetics:
Skin Care: Aloe and turmeric Hair care: Henna and amla.
Oral care: Neem and clove
Analytical cosmetics: BIS specification and analytical methods for shampoo, skin- cream and toothpaste.

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Unit IV

Principles of Cosmetic Evaluation:Principles of sebumeter, corneometer. Measurement of TEWL, Skin Color, Hair tensile strength, Hair combing properties
Soaps,and syndet bars. Evolution and skin benfits.

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Unit V

Oily and dry skin, causes leading to dry skin, skin moisturisation. Basic understanding of the terms Comedogenic, dermatitis.
Cosmetic problems associated with Hair and scalp: Dandruff, Hair fall causes Cosmetic problems associated with skin: blemishes, wrinkles, acne, prickly heat and body odor.
Antiperspirants and Deodorants- Actives and mechanism of action

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