Community Health Nursing – II Free Notes Download – B.Sc. Nursing

Unit I


Definition, concept & scope of Community Health and Community Health
Historical development of

Community health
Community health Nursing


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Unit II

Health planning and policies and problems

National health planning in India Five Year Plans
Various communities and commissions on health and family welfare

Central Council for Health and family welfare (CCH and FW)
National health policies (1983, 2002)
National population policy

Health problems in India
Environmental pollution: Cause, effects and control measures
Acts related to environmental health

Environment protection act
Air (prevention and control of pollution) Act
Water (prevention and control of pollution) Act
Wild life protection act
Forest conservation act
Issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation

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Unit III

Delivery of community health services

Planning, budgeting and material management of SCs, PHC and, CHC
Rural : Organization staffing and functions of rural health services provided by
government at:

Primary health centre
Community health centre/sub divisional

Urban: Organization, staffing and functions of urban health services provided by
government at:

Maternal and child health centers
Special Clinics
Corporation/Municipality/ Board

Components of health services

Environmental sanitation – causes, effects and control measures of urban waste.
Health education
Vital statistics
M.C.H. antenatal, natal, postnatal, MTP Act, female foeticide act, child
adoption act.
Family welfare
National health programmes
School health services
Occupational health – solid waste management, cause effect and control
Defense services
Institutional services

Systems of medicine and health care

Indian system of Medicine and Homeopathy
Alternative health care systems like yoga, meditation, social and spiritual
healing etc.

Referral system

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Unit IV

Community health nursing approaches, concepts and roles and responsibilities of
nursing personnel


Nursing theories and nursing process
Epidemiological approach
Problems solving approach
Evidence based approach
Empowering people to care for themselves

Concepts of Primary Health Care :

Equitable distribution
Community participation
Focus on prevention
Use of appropriate technology
Multi-sectoral approach

Roles and responsibilities of Community health nursing personnel in –

Family health services
Information Education communication (IEC) – Role in environment and
Management Information System (MIS): Maintenance of Records &
Training and supervision of various categories of health workers
National Health Programmes
Environmental sanitation
Maternal and child health and Family welfare
Treatment of minor ailments
School Health Services
Occupational Health
Organization of clinics, camps: Types, Preparation, Planning, conduct
and evaluation
Waste management in the center, clinics etc.

Home visit: Concept, Principles, Process, Techniques: Bag technique in home visit
Qualities of Community Health Nurse
Job Description of Community health nursing personnel

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Unit V

Assisting individuals and groups to promote and maintain their health

Empowerment for self care of individuals, families and groups in-

A- Assessment of self and family

Monitoring growth and development

Mile stones
Weight measurement
Social development

Temperature and Blood pressure monitoring
Menstrual cycle
Breast self examination and testicles examination
Warning Sign of various diseases
Tests : Urine for sugar and albumin, blood sugar

Seek health services for

Routine checkup
Follow up

Maintenance of health records for self and family

Continue medical care and follow up in community for various diseases and

Carryout therapeutic procedures as prescribed/required for self and family

Waste Management

Collection and disposable of waste at home and community

Sensitize and handle social issues affecting health and development for self and

Women Empowerment, Women and child welfare • Women and child abuse
Abuse of elders
Female Foeticide
Commercial sex workers
Food adulteration
Substance abuse

Utilize community resources for self and family

Trauma Services
Old age homes
Homes for physically and mentally challenged individuals
Homes for destitute

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Unit VI

National health and family welfare programmes and the role of a nurse

(1) National ARI programme
(2) Revised National Tuberculosis Control programme (RNTCP)
(3) National Anti-Malaria programme
(4) National Filaria Control programme
(5) National Guinea worm eradication programme
(6) National Leprosy eradication programme
(7) National AIDS control programme
(8) STD control programme
(9) National programme for control of blindness
(10) Iodine deficiency disorder programme
(11) Expanded programme on immunization
(12) National Family welfare programme- RCH programme historical development, organization, administration, research, constraints
(13) National water supply and sanitation programme
(14) Minimum Need programme
(15) National Diabetics control programme
(16) Polio Eradication: Pulse Polio Programme
(17) National Cancer Control Programme
(18) Yaws Eradication Programme
(19) National Nutritional Anemia Prophylaxis programme
(20) 20 point programme
(21) ICDS programme
(22) Mid-day meal applied nutritional programme
(23) National mental heath programme

Health schemes

Health insurance

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Unit VII

Health Agencies

International – WHO, UNFPA, UNDP, World Bank, FAO, UNICEF, DANIDA,
European Commission (EC), Red cross, USAID, UNESCO, Colombo Plan, ILO, Care
National – Indian Red cross, Indian Council for child welfare, family planning
Association of India (FPAI), Tuberculosis Association of India. Hindu Kusht Nivaran
Sangh, Central Social Welfare Board, All India women’s conference, Blind
Association of India etc.

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